Who Is Network Collective?

While Network Collective is a community driven podcast, we still need facilitators to make the day-to-day things happen.  Below are the people who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to help organize, coordinate, and produce the show.

Jordan Martin Jordan Martin
Jordan Martin is a Principal Consultant of datacenter technologies for Core BTS and holds a CCIE certification (#43772) in routing and switching. Previous roles have given him exposure to several industries including finance, healthcare, and call center environments. Jordan calls Macungie, Pennsylvania home, and outside of work, he is a proud husband and father of 3.

Eyvonne Sharp
Eyvonne Sharp is a consulting network engineer for a healthcare enterprise where her focus is security and data center architecture. Before working in the enterprise, she spent 10 years working for small VARs and integrators in the SMB space.

Russ White Russ White
Russ White began working with computers in the mid-1980’s, and computer networks in 1990. He has experience in designing, deploying, breaking, and troubleshooting large scale networks, and is a strong communicator from the white board to the board room. Across that time, he has co-authored more than forty software patents, participated in the development of several Internet standards, helped develop the CCDE and the CCAr, and worked in Internet governance with the Internet Society. Russ has a background covering a broad spectrum of topics, including radio frequency engineering and graphic design, and is an active student of philosophy and culture.Currently a network architect at LinkedIn, Russ is also a co-host at the Network Collective, serves on the Routing Area Directorate at the IETF, co-chairs the BABEL working group, serves on the Technical Services Council/as a maintainer on the open source FR Routing project, and serves on the Linux Foundation (Networking) board. Russ is also active in the Lightning Network open source community and a number of other open source projects.Russ writes extensively, including twelve books, two video training courses, speaking at venues around the world, presenting webinars, and numerous articles from peer reviewed journals to blogs. His most recent works are Computer Networking Problems and Solutions, The Art of Network Architecture, Navigating Network Complexity, and the Intermediate System to Intermediate System LiveLesson.

MSIT Capella University, MACM Shepherds Theological Seminary, PhD (in progress) Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
CCIE #2635, CCDE 2007::1, CCAr

Website: http://rule11.tech
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/rtggeek
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/riw777